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Pipe bands make more than music. 

We create leaders, we build communities, we instill values and we foster life-long bonds and friendships.

We change lives and deliver opportunities for New Zealanders.

New Zealand’s pipe band community is flourishing and you, your family member or friend could be our next greatest star. There is a band or a teacher nearby you that can start you on your journey. Whether you’re six or sixty, it’s never too late to give it a go. Learning the basics can take about a year to master, but once you have the opportunities are endless. Pipers and drummers from across New Zealand have performed right across the globe in some of the biggest cities and stages. Pipe bands are an inclusive, diverse and supportive environment.

Learn new skills, be with your mates and have fun.

Start Your Journey Today

To start your piping or drumming journey, click the link to find your local band.

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For more information, contact Allister Macgregor on: e: p/txt: (+64) 275 58 4471 or Facebook messenger