Pipe Bands unite people young and old the world over. Discover a band in your area — see what we’re all piping on about!

The Royal New Zealand Pipe Bands’ Association has been supporting New Zealand bands since 1928. From those early days, bands have grown in numbers and strength, and the level of performance has improved beyond belief.

The RNZPBA is managed by a small, dedicated team. Our mission is simple – to promote pipe bands, and pipe band membership throughout New Zealand, by whatever means possible.

Association Goals

“To promote pipe bands and pipe band membership throughout New Zealand”

Clause 2, Constitution of RNZPBA

• Increase the number of pipe bands
• Improve the quality of pipe bands
• Sustain a strong and resilient pipe band community

We have updated our Strategic Focus areas with an increased emphasis on our Digital strategy right across all aspects of the Association. This is aimed at increasing Member engagement and ultimately membership itself. We believe we need to prioritise membership growth above all else. Part of this is about protecting what we have in the face of some significant challenges at the moment. However, the bigger part is about telling our story and letting others (of all ages) know about the benefits of being part of the pipe band community.

3-5-year focus areas

1. Digital: Continue developing the online presence connecting the Association and all stakeholders.
2. Promotion: Continued focus on membership and sustainability.
3. Programme improvements: Continue to find ways to improve our world class education and contest initiatives
4. Big bets: 1) Replicate and leverage successful teaching programmes. 2) Source ongoing Sponsorship

Management Team

Education: Mike Sander
Digital: Chris Stevens
Finance: Scott Mitchell
Contests: Mark Wilson
Centre Liaison: Bryce Gilchrist
Promotions: Liam Kernaghan