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After discussions and consultation with members of the drumming community, the RNZPBA would like to announce a new initiative that offers support to drummers and bands across the motu. This group has the vision of building capacity in both solo drumming and pipe bands, removing many of the current barriers to contest and event organisers through the introduction of a drumming governing body. 

The focus of this group initially will be: 

  • Solo drumming: grading, administration and registrations (similar to The Piping and Dancing Association for piping). 
  • Quality teaching and education, certification and a look to engage with the NCEA changes.  
  • Knowledge base for bands, including educational material, drum scores and drummers who can answer questions bands might have.

Leading the group is Adam Alexander, with support from other drummers throughout New Zealand, and engagement with international partners. We have seen a taste of this recently with the RSPBA announcing the South Pacific leg of solo drumming qualifier – a huge acknowledgement to Ross Levy for his work here.  

This group is only going to be as strong as the collective mahi from drummers across the motu – nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi. With your knowledge and my knowledge, our drummers will thrive. We want to hear from you if you: 

  • want to be involved in any future projects to do with drumming in NZ, or
  • have thoughts on what the priorities of this group should be, or
  • have ideas or feedback about what is happening currently, or
  • have technical nous, can build databases, use Power Automate or have experience with Learning Management Systems, or
  • run contests where you would like to incorporate solo drumming, or
  • would like to be a tester/early adopter of initiatives.

We invite anyone who would like to complete this form to take the time and answer the questions which will help us with the initial direction of the group. At any time, communication can be sent to