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Adapt and Evolve

Welcome to the new RNZPBA website!  We are so pleased to introduce you to a space where we can connect with you and share the amazing stories of our community with the world.

It’s been quite a journey, and we have enjoyed having you nearby during the evolution.

The first step was to create the ‘digital hub’. This was an excellent transitionary step spearheaded by the hard working and dedicated Allister Macgregor and Chris Stevens.

The data wrangling involved throughout our Association and Centres is no easy task. Names, addresses, subs, capitations etc., is a constantly moving feast.  We really appreciate the member bands and secretaries who have taken the time to get a handle on the technology and keep their data as clean and up to date.

However, it is time to evolve our digital hub to something much easier for our members. Why have a website and a hub? It is just too difficult for all so we thought we would redesign our website and have it pulling the information you need from the hub. The hub still exists but it is working in the background.

Our new website is the single destination you visit for all the information needed from the RNZPBA.

Our launch is organic, so we haven’t switched on all the bells and whistles yet.  Some of our existing data and documents may need tweaking to align with the new brand, but this will be managed over the next few months. Please be patient with us while we work through this.

You should now be able to see articles and contact information.  In time, you will see detailed band information and bios, contest results, score sheets, learning material, public announcements, links to webinars, maybe even a member’s ‘forum’ if there is sufficient demand.

We are very proud of our RNZPBA ‘tech journey’, and we are committing to continual adaption and evolution to meet the needs of all members.  Please let us know of your thoughts and ideas along the journey.